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Welfin Newsletter: More Tax Rate Cut On The Cards?

The lower middle class already had much to cheer in Budget 2017 when late former finance minister Arun Jaitley halved the personal income tax in the Rs 2.5-5 lakh bracket to 5 per cent  and again in the Interim Budget 2019, thanks to the full tax rebate offered to individuals with taxable annual income up to Rs 5 lakh. Those with a total annual income of over Rs 10 lakh currently fall in the 30 per cent tax slab. The buzz is that those earning up to Rs 55 lakh may also get major tax relief. Sitharaman recently had announced a relaxation in the corporate tax rates for domestic companies and new manufacturing domestic companies. As per the tax reforms, domestic companies will be taxed at 25.17 per cent, whereas new manufacturing firms will be taxed at 17 per cent. Both tax rates include all the surcharges and cess and will be applicable from the ongoing financial year. The decision is meant to increase liquidity at the companies' disposal and encourage foreign investment, espec
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Welfin Newsletter: Economic Slowdown In India Is a Boon In Disguise For Foreign Investors

Current Slowdown in India, "It isn't a recession, Its a remarkable Investment opportunity" India is currently experiencing slowdown but still remains a great long term play and the current decline in the Indian economy is a remarkable opportunity to invest more capital in the country, says Mr, Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder of Blackstone. Views on global slowdown: Its pretty clear that globally the economy is slowing down at different rates in different parts of the world. Staring with US, they are slowing in manufacturing but they still have a full employment economy, They still have high levels of consumer confidence and consumers create 70% or may be even little more of the economy in the US. So, if manufacturing, which is roughly 11% is a little slower, in fact, going down then they can still keep growing for quite sometime unless there is something that shakes confidence, which is really a geopolitical type of e

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Welfin: A Doctor's True Friend - Stay safe & secure from litigation, penalties & controversies

Indian courts are now granting huge compensation from doctors and hospitals in case of any untoward incidence to their patients. Doctors who treat or operate by the rule books are also getting sued, harassed or attacked. There are numerous cases of mob attacking unarmed doctors. We all know that in the US, doctors are sued left and right throughout the country. The only way out from these problems is to have an insurance that safeguards doctors from litigation. Here is a snippet from Times Of India, which showcases the issues in India. This is where Welfin comes into the picture. We will provide you with the indemnity cover amounting up-to 20 crores or more. We will help you choose the perfect scheme depending which specialization the doctor practices. Any legal expense or compensation incurred by the doctor will be covered by the insurance policy.  To know more call us at 033 - 4 0 0 5 - 3 6 2 1. You can also email us at